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One Domer's Thoughts

A single perspective among others.

7 October 1986
I attended a co-ed Catholic grade school and an all-guy Catholic high school. I am currently a student at the University of Notre Dame. I'm majoring in physics. I have been a swimmer since I was 10. Was the captain of my high school swim team. Worked as an assistant coach, lifeguard, and swim instructor at the city pool for my second straight summer. I was in one play in grade school and that taught me that I don't belong on stage. Instead, I was the Props Crew Chief for all four years. I was also a member of the Men's Chorus for my four years in high school. That led to two years as a member of the Men's Quintet. Now, I am a member of the Notre Dame Liturgical Choir. I also sing for Dillon Hall Mass on Sunday nights.